Greetings from Eliazar

Greetings from Eliazar – as Director New Hope India – and my apologies for the lack of Newsletter in this ‘half of the year’. It has been a busy work year with such strange and difficult weather changes and patterns. We are planting a new grass for the cows and nearly lost it all due to the summer heat and no monsoon rain on time – but with good work management it worked and thanks to a Grant from a UK charity we were able to buy another cow.



We celebrate many different events here – children and seniors birthday, sponsors birthdays and Indian national Celebration days. The August 15th Independence Day was a ‘show case’ in Namaste House at Muniguda Community Centre. It was a hot hot summer but our Namaste House seniors had more mango than even they could eat!





We had an incredible discovery in 2023 of a NEW (for us) Leprosy Colony several miles from us on a road we never go down. Occasionally a young patient, already deformed, would come and stay, get well, then without notice after one to three months just leave ‘in the night’. After the last visit a New Hope Paramedic followed him, eventually leading to a small isolated leprosy colony. They were ‘hidden’ because many had suffered the stigma of leprosy while growing up and living in nearby villages. We sent a medical team and have started a feeding programme for them.






Cataract Eye Project success. After two years of difficult planning all the women in this photograph have had their vision restored in both eyes. All funded through donations to New Hope Rural Community Trust, U.K.








Can you give a child a banana today?
3p a day will help give a child a banana every day of the year

Please can you help?

Bananas are wonderfully nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals. Many of our children at New Hope come to us malnourished or have weakened immune systems due to illness. For them, a banana a day gives the boost they need to support their health and future development.

We need to plant banana saplings in the New Hope community garden to be able to grow enough bananas to give out each day in our community center It takes just 9 months for a banana tree to produce its first fruits. Please help us bring in the harvest!

You can donate on line or via PayPal, or make a cheque payable to ‘New Hope Rural Community Trust’.

Any amount you are able to give is hugely appreciated.

It costs around £15 to purchase, plant, water and look after your banana tree.
Please help us start the garden soon!

Thank you from our children and everyone at New Hope Community Centre!


Cheques payable to: ‘N.H.R.C.T’
Post to: 49 Alfred Street, Southampton, SO14 0NB.
B.A.C.S ‘New Hope Rural Community Trust’ Account No. 65086506 Sort code 08 92 99.
Registered charity: 1002694


Eliazar T. Rose, Director New Hope India Thanks to the New Hope UK Trustees who all give time, effort and more as real volunteers.

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