Sponsoring a Child

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Sponsoring a Child in India

Sponsoring a Child in India: Can you imagine? Can you imagine Sponsoring a Child in India who is challenged? The New Hope Rural Community Trust UK Board members have decided to move away from the individual sponsorship of children, for many reasons. Including administrative cost. We will send everyone who sponsors a child an update group photo every year and once during the year a child’s drawing with […]

Support a School Teacher

Support a School Teacher, We need a support for the School teachers for our Community School to accommodate the growing number of destitute, disabled and HIV children’s needs to create a better academic environment for them to learn. It is a precious gift that benefits the whole community. Support a Teacher to teach in the various children’s school’s at New Hope UK. Support a School […]

Cycling for New Hope

Cycling for New Hope, 110 miles, 3 days, 6 years old! Hannah Killick, who is just 6 years old, has just completed a 110 mile bike ride in 3 days! Cycling for New Hope : She cycled from Bristol, where she lives, all the way to Reading, where both sets of her grandparents live. She was accompanied all the way by her dad, Adrian, and also […]