Caring for those in need in India


In 2003, Adam Roberts founded The $10 Club, a charity to fund poverty alleviation projects in developing countries. He runs the organization single handedly and as a volunteer. To date, the organization has supported work in more than 50 countries and has given out in excess of a quarter of a million dollars in grant awards. He began his animal protection career in Washington, D.C. in 1991 after graduating from Vassar College.
Adam is now CEO of Born Free and The $10 Club is ‘on hold’.
New Hope received 3 small grants from The $10 Club. They support small projects that get missed by international funding grants but as always are often supported by people who give to small NGO’s like New Hope.

The concept is to have 100 people all give a small set amount each month. My thought is to promote this concept in the UK – THE £5 CLUB – Examples are that every time we have £100 we have supported a girls text books for school. Breakfast for 20 Homeless women in a Shelter for 1 month. The list is endless. Its not like sponsorship, it’s a filling the spaces concept. A new wheelbarrow, bicycle repairs and new wheelchairs, a goat.

You can add what you would like to help towards. When we collect sufficient we will makes your wish a reality.

I wish to give £5 per month

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We hope that you find the Summer Newsletter interesting. One year ago, one individual person decided to raise funds for Children’s Education. He had a Swim Lap Sponsorship – completed the lap challenge and raised more than £800. This fund raising event intrigued the seniors in the school. It is a proof that a small group of people (an individual) can make a small change to a small part of the problem of poverty and development. New Hope strongly believes that a girls education is a major key to the long term changes needed in social structure and longer better health care for a family. Literacy is a major part of change in development.

Thank you Darren Chatt. The Chatt family have been friends of New Hope India, Australia and UK for many many years and Deanne was an Australian Board member. The Chatt family visited India and it made a strong connection with the children. In just a few days stay the children at the Community Centre bonded with the family. Kimberly gave encouragement to the girls to be social and Jordan won hearts with cricket and sports. They met two ‘boys’ whose education they had sponsored. Subramaniam has just completed College with a vocational training course and unbelievable, the other now young man Giri has completed his Masters Degree in English. Both have ‘off railways station platform’ backgrounds and Giri is disabled.

P-Roja-News One of the beneficiaries of Darren’s fund raiser is Roja. One of two sisters who simply have lost their parents. A long sad complicated story. Roja is determined to make her life simply ‘better’ than from her background. Roja plays sports, is in the garden group but her studies are first and the marks from this end of school year showed that.
Jordan-Cricket-Gear Darren and Jordan – India V Australia – New Hope India visit.Darren and Jordan – India V Australia – New Hope India visit.

Jillian Francis Ghanouni, Our founder Secretary who has dedicated more than 30 years to raising thousands of pounds for leprosy victims in India has also been made an MBE for voluntary services to the community in rural India.

Prince William, HRH the Duke of Cambridge, Buckingham Palace MBE Investiture, 21st May 2015

Prince William, HRH the Duke of Cambridge, Buckingham Palace MBE Investiture, 21st May 2015

Jillian Ghanouni (above) is one of the founding trustees of Southampton charity the New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust, working to support sufferers and families of those diagnosed with the devastating disease.

The 55-year-old NHS engagement officer said: “When I first opened the letter I thought it was an April Fool’s joke! It is a great honour and I am astounded as I always associated it with people who are well-known or have worked for big organisations.”

Caring for those in need in India; An aged Leprosy women living in a leprosy colony has specially made protective footwear. The Director  Eliazar T Rose measures to size and our Cobbler makes them with special soft protective rubber (Center Pic) Councillor Derek Burke became 790th Mayor of Southampton with Eliazar Rose unveiling a Plaque in memory of Leprosy people buried in Watts Park on the old site of the Mary Magdalene Hospice (Medieval times). Sponsoring cataract eye surgery for aged leprosy and Tribal women is part of our aim – you can help us by giving  £ 20.

Cataract Eye Surgery - Donation
Cataract Eye Surgery - Donation
It is hard to believe that for £20 you can restore the vision of an aged tribal or leprosy patient. But that’s what New Hope Muniguda does week after week using state of the art intra ocular lens.

Caring for those in need in India: We still have an after math of grossly deformed young and old people. The young need corrective surgery to enter into vocational training and become self sufficient through employment. The old people who have survived a life time of begging are in need of medical and custodian care.

Caring for those in Need

Caring for those in Need

Caring for those in need in India; It is true that the bacterial spread is being reduce, or ‘eradicated’ as the World Health Organisation quotes. But those who have been cured, who are deformed, who survive by begging, live for years with ulcers and no real medical care are still with us – everywhere – in Leprosy colonies.

Caring for those in need in India: Donating through our Virtual Gift eStore certainly changes the quality of their life. We are hopefully seeing the last decade of leprosy but we have on the horizon the AIDS horror. The children are the innocent victims in this disaster. Our aim is to help them.

We work for change – To change the quality of living of the poorest people in the communities where we work – an open door policy that is hinged on compassion.

Caring for those in need in India