Medieval Leprosy Plaque

Medieval Leprosy Plaque, East meets West at plaque unveiling! The unveiling of the plaque on 2nd October 2012 was to commemorate people who died of leprosy in anonymity, in medieval times, and to honour the work undertaken in India today by New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust. In those days patients in a leprosy hospital were never likely to leave the site and they would end their […]

Vedic Society

Vedic Society, Southampton The Vedic Society Hindu Temple has shown great interest in New Hope UK work in India and welcomed presentations on the work undertaken on a variety of projects, including care and education of our children with special needs at our Muniguda Community Centre and children with long term health conditions at our Kothavalasa Children Village. Vedic Society : Thank you to the congregation […]

Unity 101 Community Radio Interview

Unity 101 Community Radio Interview, A Unity 101 Community Radio Interview (Unity 101 Radio)  hosted an excellent forum discussion programme with Eliazar Rose, Director. New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust – India during his visit last summer, (Click on Player below to listen) spreading the message of New Hope’s work to many thousands more people. Unity 101 Community Radio Interview Unity 101 Community Radio Interview

Leprosy Information India

Leprosy Information India: Leprosy is a bacterial disease that statistically affects about 4% of any population. It is a bacteria that damages the nerves close to the skins’ surface. It prefers the cooler regions of the nose. It infiltrates several major nerves such as the Ulnar at the elbow which causes clawed fingers. The loss of sensation in fingers, hand/toes and feet is the major cause […]

Cycling for New Hope

Cycling for New Hope, 110 miles, 3 days, 6 years old! Hannah Killick, who is just 6 years old, has just completed a 110 mile bike ride in 3 days! Cycling for New Hope : She cycled from Bristol, where she lives, all the way to Reading, where both sets of her grandparents live. She was accompanied all the way by her dad, Adrian, and also […]