Love Bundles 2014

Love Bundles 2014; When you buy a Love Bundle you will receive a Love Bundle card, made by our children to send to a friend or relative to show that on their behalf instead of a gift that they probably don’t need that you have sent a Love Bundle on their behalf to someone in New Hope Jhan Jhur Leprosy Colony, patient or an aged widow from a Tribal village It’s a great feeling to give a gift of love.

Love Bundles 2014 - Leprosy Colony

Love Bundles 2014 – Leprosy Colony

Love Bundles 2014; During 2013 New Hope distributed Love Bundles in the aftermath of the Hud Hud Cyclone. In the recent Bike Ride the patients at the New Hope Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Hospital, a 20 bed medical centre, received a Love Bundle. It was a surprise for the patients and a great joy to see the excitement as they opened them up and realised that they had new shoes, sheet and Sari. As well as our Leprosy patients at Jhan Jhur receiving their gift, this Christmas, the Love Bundles are also part of our care outreach to below poverty line widows and very aged in the hill Tribal villages where the majority of people live well below the poverty line. The gifts are not just presents!

Love Bundles 2014

Love Bundles 2014

Love Bundles 2014; The person who receives a Love Bundle is in real life terms only having this one small support opportunity in a year or even in two years. For most, the clothing part of the Bundle is their only time to get new clothing. It is sad in many instances to see the people we find in need having literally no more than rags and after a living a ‘hand to mouth’ existence all year a piece of soap in their Love Bundle gift, is more than a luxury! Your support to this cause, this appeal is full of true care giving, We are looking to helping 820 in need of this gift this Christmas.

Bundle of Love - Donation
Bundle of Love - Donation
Set of clothing to all those in need. Tribal people or babies and children in our care. Clothes, blankets, towels, toiletries and footwear. It is an essential requirement for those who are destitute.

May You have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy Peaceful 2015.

Eliazar T Rose, Director – New Hope India.
Jill Ghanouni, Founder Member, Secretary – New Hope UK

Love Bundles 2014; Thank You

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