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Nails of Cross

Nails of Cross; The WHO (World Health Organization) keeps promoting the idea that leprosy has ended by saying its eradicated. Eradicated does not mean that those already affected, deformed, crippled and aged have disappeared – or vanished. There are literally thousands of leprosy patients, young people, in need of corrective surgery. Nails of Cross; It’s a fictional work. I believe that it is compatible to […]

New Hope Newsletter 2013

New Hope Newsletter 2013, welcome to our Winter/ Spring newsletter The Olympic Games, Paralympics and Jubilee celebrations were spectacular events for the nation, and as you will see in this issue, we have been fantastically aided by our own Olympic achievements! Even though these are tough times, with an ongoing economic recession, a remarkable year has unfolded for New Hope! Thank you so much for your continued support and for New Hope Newsletter 2013 a great […]