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Mina’s Marathon

Mina’s Marathon, one of New Hope’s trustees, ran the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara in 2012 and raised £14,615 to purchase land for the future security of orphaned children. This year two of our trustees and their grand daughters travelled to India and were able to visit this land, Mina’s Marathon, as mentioned in our last newsletter, Mina was making plans to undertake her […]

Run for New Hope

Run for New Hope; In 2006 James decided that it would be fun to sign me up for the Bath half marathon, with 3 months notice. On my first training run (3km) I had to stop about 8 times and nearly cried! Anyway to cut a long story short I managed to complete the half marathon and to my complete surprise really quite enjoyed it! […]

Bike Ride Tours in India

Bike Ride Tours in India; Off the tourist track 15 day tour of India – the charity bike ride of a life time! This unique experience is set to take place between 28.11.14 – 14.12.14. Our package includes: A planned 20/24km route each day. A support bus (option for non-riders to join). Train tickets for connections. Basic accommodation, food and bottled water. Hire of modern Atlas […]

Nails of Cross

Nails of Cross; The WHO (World Health Organization) keeps promoting the idea that leprosy has ended by saying its eradicated. Eradicated does not mean that those already affected, deformed, crippled and aged have disappeared – or vanished. There are literally thousands of leprosy patients, young people, in need of corrective surgery. Nails of Cross; It’s a fictional work. I believe that it is compatible to […]

Mina is Running

Mina is Running, I have lifted some basic text from the New Hope website to explain their work, their key statement being; We work for change – to change the quality of living of the poorest people in the communities where we work – an open door policy that is hinged on compassion. Eliazar Rose is one of the original founders of New Hope Rural Leprosy […]