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Run for New Hope; In 2006 James decided that it would be fun to sign me up for the Bath half marathon, with 3 months notice. On my first training run (3km) I had to stop about 8 times and nearly cried! Anyway to cut a long story short I managed to complete the half marathon and to my complete surprise really quite enjoyed it!runnztop

Run for New Hope - Mina

                                                      Run for New Hope – Mina

Run for New Hope; My name is Mina and I am just about to run 3,000km, the length of New Zealand, following Te Araroa trail! I am doing this bonkers challenge to raise money to help fund the further education of children cared for by New Hope. Running Te Araroa will consist mostly of trails, with some road sections and several water crossings. I am not a professional athlete, but a Run for New HopeRun for New Hope; I took up running around 8 years ago and discovered my love of trail running soon after that. I have completed several ultra-distance events including the Marathon des Sables. When I first heard about the trail I felt drawn to it and excited about the potential of such an adventure. I have committed to this challenge for so many reasons; first and foremost is the potential it gives me to raise a substantial amount of money to make a difference to the lives of children.To find out more about my challenge and to show your support please visit – 3000km Run Across New Zealand | Running the Te Araroa while raising money for Starship and New Hope..

Run for New Hope - Brecons - Ultra

                                              Run for New Hope – Brecons – Ultra

Run for New Hope; A Dream – Not long after arriving in New Zealand I heard about the Te Araroa trail and it was something I was instantly drawn to. I’m not exactly sure when but at some point last year I had the thought that I could actually run the trail and ever since then the idea has crept into my soul and taken hold! I know if I don’t throw caution to the wind and actually go for it I will always wonder what could have been! My planning is well under way and I have many lists, soon I will need a list of lists (yes Sarah!) I have run several sections of the trail in Northlands and have been trialling out my GPS and map reading skills. As part of the physical and mental training I decided to run everyday for a year, which I started on January 5th, and so far so good! 20 minutes is the minimum and so far 6 hours has been the longest!

Run for New Hope - Mds

                                                         Run for New Hope – Mds

Run for New Hope; Why ? It was not hard to decide on the causes I will support with my sponsorship. New Hope is one of the most inspiring places I have ever been lucky enough to spend time. Knowing that I can help to secure a future for the young girls there, through their education, will definitely be a huge factor in getting me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, however blistered they get! Starship is equally amazing and I am proud to be supporting the vital cardiac surgery they provide for so many children.  Please also take time to have a look through the photos from my stay at New Hope and see the outstanding care that is provided for children that arrive with such sad stories.

Run for New Hope - Hillary Trail

                                                    Run for New Hope – Hillary Trail

Run for New Hope; Support Mina with her commitment for New Hope, Click Here to Read more

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